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Reiki - pronounced "ray- key" - is a form of hands- on therapy used to treat both the body and its emotions.
Reiki is a type of hands- on body Body-mind treatment that preserves health and fights disease by using the energy system of the body.

Whenever we bring the BODY- MIND in agreement with the BRAIN- MIND and SPIRIT through the motivation of the HEART, we are always in our most powerful and loving state.

It is a centuries- old healing practice that originated in Tibet and Japan and was introduced to the West in the 19th Century. Physical elements of Reiki are reflected in its name. "Reiki is translated from the Japanese from "rei" for universal" and "ki" for "life force". The Chinese word for "Ki" is "Qi" or "Chi".

Reiki works on the premis that the human body is composed of seven major energy centers called chakras. These are located in a line from the top of the head to the feet, corresponding to the endocrine system. Reiki, in the same way that poor circulation can lead to illness, pain, and disease, practices that energy too can become stuck and lead to physical ailments. A person trained in Reiki works to unblock "stuck" energy from these areas, thereby promoting healing.
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Reiki Principles
Just For Today, do Not Anger
Just For Today, do Not Worry
Honor Your Parents, Teachers, and Elders
Earn Your Living Honestly
Show Gratitude To Every Living Thing
Reiki Appointments can be made by calling Yoga & Friends or by email.
Group Reiki Sessions range from $20.00
Private Reiki Sessions are ‚Äč$50.00 

Reiki can be a wonderful gift to family members and friends. Please ask about receiving a card to give.

If you have any questions please contact us and ask, we are here to help!

Mondays at Yoga & Friends we offer Group Reiki  with Joyce and Jane for $20.00 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Contact Joyce 262 948 0175 if you are interested.