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What Are We About?
Christina Ptak, Owner and yoga instructor, certified by the Temple of Kriya Yoga and the In-Tuit Yoga System provides a progressive teaching method, in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere.
Presently, Christina has been given permission by founders Desi Springer and John Friend to teach Sridaiva "Bowspring" Yoga.
​Sridaiva "Bowspring" is a 21st century body- mind alignment method focusing on balancing health through optimal posture and positive attitude. It is designed to help a wide spectrum of dedicated students from 8 years old to 80+ years old achieve a healthier body- mind posture in their daily life.
*Yoga instruction is offered in both advanced and beginner classes in an open forum, where new students are welcome as drop-ins.
 ​​ The principles of alignment of Sridaiva have elegant simplicity, which can be applied in every posture to create an optimal body- mind template. This postural method is a paradigm- shifting technology for optimizing alignment in any pose or body movement, thereby transforming normal activities like working, commuting, or socializing into healthy life practices.
  ​ Optimal physical posture reflects a geometric template for the torso in standing, sitting, etc. in the shape of a bow-spring form in which the muscles of the back and the front of the torso are balanced in their tone and elongation. In this optimal bow- spring alignment, muscles balance with the bones of the skeleton on all sides in a dynamic push- pull, so that any posture becomes a tensegrity, in which the body is at its maximum capacity for strength, lightness, and integrated extension of the spine, while applying a minimal required amount of muscular engagement.

​  Many of our teachers also conduct classes and workshops in other specialty areas such as Meditation, Reiki, Beginners Hatha Yoga and Kundilini. There are classes and activities for all ages.

*All of our instructors will carefully guide you to strive toward reaching your full potential. There are many opportunities at Yoga & Friends to help you attain balance of body, mind and spirit.*