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                                                 Standing Strong
Two of the first few postures you are taught in yoga is mountain pose and tree pose.
Learning how to stand strong even when everything is changing around us.
Entering the Fall season The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.
Nature is changing before our eyes, what was a vibrant green is now turning yellow, red,
orange and brown and will soon be falling to the ground around us. It is this time of year
that  we need to focus on being that tree and mountain, and continue to stand strong and
look for the still Beauty of nature and learn from it. We are and can be much like nature,
when the trees lose their leaves do they fall to the ground in sorrow? No, they stand
strong even while naked with only their inner Beauty showing through, never wondering
what the world may think of them Looking at a leafless tree in the moonlight to me is
very mesmerizing and beautiful. Such bold vulnerability!  
Let us become these trees, when our physical form changes for whatever reason whether
it be our age,  size, disease or accident. Let us remember our bodies are but an outer shell
to our souls, our true inner beauty! Lets be strong and let the world see our true inner
beauty as human beings.  
Mountain pose is truly an earth pose being so vast a structure to allow us to see it's
evelution, though  rain and snow fall covering it's form, we all know what lays beneath is
still that strong mountain. Our grass covering the earth will turn brown and appear to die
off. Being trampled by our own feet and by these same elements of nature. Yet somehow
no matter how much is tossed upon it, nothing lasts forever and when these outer
challenges start lessening the earth will still be there just as it always was, perhaps a
foundation for green grass and flowers, maybe still brown but full of minerals for us to
enjoy and share. Or even just as a reminder to say I m here walk over me, move me, try
to change me but I am still earth. This is amazing for us to remember within our selves
that no matter how hard life becomes,  know that we are still human beings filled with
life and a soul that cannot be crushed by people or circumstances around  us. Let's make a
change or the better just  As Joyce our meditation teacher reminds us every week to
celebrate yourself and: Be Peaceful, Be Hopeful, Be Joy-Filled, Be compassionate, Be